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  • Bought a bag of Dragons' Blend in Sobeys because I remembered seeing it on Dragons Den. Yum! And healthy eating with the no GMO content. I took one of your serving suggestions up a notch with 2 tbs cereal in 4 tbsp warm water then after the 5 min wait stirred in a 100 g serving cup of Astro Original fruit bottom yogourt (Balkan yogourt with honey). Try it! You'll like it! My fave is the Black Cherry. This is one of the steps I'm taking toward a more natural lifestyle.

    Dawn Sheppard
  • I'm always skeptical of the "health foods". I make a pretty good attempt to not feed my family very much processed food but on occassion there's still treats and cereals for the kids. But Holy Crap has made it's way into our kitchen. I add it to yogurt to make a quick light breakfast for my husband as he tends not to eat in the mornings. I have a serving here or there and find it peps me up a bit. I soak it in water and add it to my pancake batter. It's part of our family making healthy changes and trying to only eat foods where we know what's in it.

  • Thank you!

  • I also remember watching the first "Holy Crap" episode on Dragon's Den and recently spotted the cereal at my local Superstore in the organic food section. After reading all the super healthy ingredients, I thought I'd give it a try and I have to say….I'm hooked! I eat the Dragon's Blend with organic vanilla soy milk and it is soooooooo delicious! Thanks for such a great product.

    Mary Beattie
  • AMAZING Guys!! I just had my first breakfast with Holy Crap and I cannot thank you guy and your entire team enough.

    Here's why…

    I'm am an East Coast Canadian Military Helicopter Pilot (40 years old) but I'm now home fighting thyroid cancer and so I am unfortunately no longer flying. I have to follow a very special diet called a Low Iodine Diet (LID) in order to prepare my body for more radioactive iodine cancer treatments very soon. The diet is very restrictive and Holy Crap is thankfully one of the most delicious things that I can eat for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner). Before this I was eating unsalted nuts day in and day out… and that's about it.

    I wanted to make certaint that I extended my very appreciative thanks to everyone involved with your product. Pease tell the team at Holy Crap that they have made me one very happy Pilot, Dad, Husband, and cancer fighter!


    Steven Barnes

    Steven Barnes

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