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Holy Crap cereal rockets to the International Space Station

The Canadian Space Agency announced on August 28th that a British Columbia artisan-made organic cereal is one of 12 Canadian foods to accompany Canadian Astronaut and Mission 35 Commander Chris Hadfield on the December space mission to the International Space Station where he will live and work for six months as part of the crew.

“We’re thrilled that Riley, the Canadian Space Agency contest winner from Abbotsford, suggested our Holy Crap cereal be sent to the International Space Station” says Corin Mullins, CEO of HapiFoods Group. “We originally developed the cereal for emergency kits because of its healthy nutritional content and long shelf-life so it seems more than fitting for it to go up to the Space Station.”

Approximately one year ago, Hadfield met with NASA and CSA nutrition experts to determine his space menu. Together they reviewed personal preferences and nutritional value requirements for a hard day's work in orbit. Just like on Earth, astronauts eat three times a day and have one or two snacks daily. Provisions delivered to the ISS need to meet a number of criteria, to ensure that it is safe for astronauts to consume while on orbit. There are no refrigeration or freezer capabilities on the ISS therefore food needs to have a shelf-life of at least one year.

"On a long-duration space mission, snacks can be a great morale booster," said Hadfield. "Sharing this food will not only lift our spirits, but it will also give me the chance to tell the crew a little bit about the diversity and richness of the natural and cultural landscapes of Canada."

“From the Dragons’ Den to the International Space Station in under 24 months is a major achievement for the artisans and crew that make the cereal.

The whole Sunshine Coast is just tickled pink over this out of this world announcement.” says Brian Mullins, co-founder HapiFoods Group Inc.


  • That is SO exciting! Way to go Holy Crap!!! GlutenFreeFind.com

  • Wow!!! I'm thrilled for you. Yup, you have gone international. Major kudos :) Jim was very smart to make that deal with you on Dragon's Den.

    Heather Shana

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