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Book Giveaway

BOOK GIVEAWAY Win a copy of Voices of the Food Revolution and a Holy Crap cereal 3-pack of cereal.
TO ENTER: In the comment area below tell us one of your food choices that help heal your body and the world.
Contest ENDED Noon (PST), Friday, November 29, 2013
  • 1 entry per person
  • 2 winners will be drawn randomly from all valid entries
  • Contest ended at Noon, PST, November 29, 2013.
  • Winners will be notified by email by 4:00PM, PST, November 29, 2013
  • Prize: Each winner will receive 1 copy of Voices of the Food Revolution by John Robbins and Ocean Robbins and one Holy Crap cereal 3-pack
  • Promotion is open to Canadian and US participants
  • Promotion is not open to friends and family of HapiFoods Group Inc. employees, contractors or suppliers
Good Luck!!! More about the book... Bestselling author John Robbins joins with his son and colleague Ocean Robbins to bring you 21 game changing conversations with some of the world's leading scientists, doctors, teachers, farmers, economists, and nutritionists. Here, in one easy to read book, is the distilled wisdom from some of the greatest minds and most brilliant leaders of our times. This book’s contributors have transformed the lives of millions. Their works are wide-ranging, and include undercover exposes of what really goes on in factory farms, getting wholesome food to the poor, and breakthrough research on treating obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease through nutrient-rich diets. Together they make one rallying cry: for a healthy, sustainable, humane, and delicious revolution in how we and the world are fed.


  • One of my food choices was to put in a vegetable garden in my backyard so that I can eat fresh vegetables and local – nothing like carrots right out of the ground

    Dee Brown
  • I compost all my vegetable peelings to enrich my garden soil so I have a healthier harvest for my family and friends!!!

  • I eat Holy Crap cereal each and every morning and cannot believe the difference!!!

    Corinne Wright
  • Likely the biggest change to my health was realizing how much trouble dairy products were giving my gut. Swapping milk out for good old fashioned water and eating a wider variety of fruits and veggies and including Holy Crap with oatmeal have made a huge difference.

  • By having a green smoothie every morning, it gives me the energy and fuel I need to start my day and make better food choices later in the day. It's my saving grace!


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